East West Dialogues 2016

New Generations in Orient and Occident: surveys and dialogues

The initiative

After the meeting of East West Dialogues in 2015, it appeared necessary to promote a continuum of what came to light in that event. This second chance gives particular attention to the theme of new Eastern and Western generations, from the point of view of Universal Humanism.
It will be open to all people, of any origin, that are interested in this particular theme. The event will be articulated in various stages: surveys on the spot, virtual confrontation, info meetings and many other events. These activities will be concentrated during the second week of February 8th-14th, which will culminate in three final days, February 12th, 13th and 14th: the first two dedicated to the presentation and to the work groups, the third for an evaluation of the event and possible developments.


In the contemporary social situation the destiny of one place is no longer independent from the whole planet. The nowadays existential models are influenced by each other, in an acceleration that involves every human being in his materialistic and psychic conditions. We are in an important age of transition. It’s a fact that the progress, bad or good, will not be carried out by whom is in charge of the actual fate of the planet, but by those generations that will raise in the immediate and remote future. It’s important to comprehend what generally delineates the thoughts and emotions of the new generations. Hence is important to create intense moments of dialogue between these worldwide connected generations, as to enhance awareness of the necessary historical role that they should be called to absolve.


The initiative is promoted and developed by the members of Universal Humanism, operating in different organisations which draw influence from this idea.


The East West Dialogues 2016 will take place during the second week of February 8th - 14th. Peak days will be February 12th, 13th, 14th .

"...those who were in the age of learning, are grown up and start the struggle against those who are now holding the power. Older generations are fading out and new children appear on the scenario. This is the relentless mechanics of history..." (Silo)

The implementation

During the forecasted period (the week from February 8th to the 14th) there will be activities addressed to people of various origin specifically in the area of Varkala and more in general in Kerala:

- At first surveys/interviews will be conducted, followed by brief encounters for the more interested, as to inform them on the goal of these interviews, to promote the dialogue and get them involved in eventual collaborations.

- Later on all interested people will be invited to an event of two days (February 12th and 13th), an opportunity to deepen the dialogues. There will be both people involved in the study of the subject and people who just got to know about it. Virtual connections will be attempted with others already introduced to the matter.

- Last but not least, the next day of the latter event (February 14th), will be dedicated to the evaluation, possible guidelines and further developments.

The aspiration

We hope that EWD2016 could be an even more clarifying moment for those promoters who are carrying out a worldwide research about the sensibility of people between eighteen and thirty-six years old. We also hope that we can sensitise on these subjects, as to bring to an active involvement of the same. We wish in the end that this initiative can contribute to clarify guidelines about society, the human being and his Meaning.


Same as the last meeting, the initiative will be located in Varkala, a town that overlooks the Arabic sea, situated in the south-west of India, in the state of Kerala, 50 km away from the capital Trivandrum (International airport).

"...but this world changes with every generation since the previous one did something in the world, and left it more or less different than how they found it..." (Ortega y Gasset)